Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mascots could get Makeover

             The Lewiston and Nezperce school districts in Northern Idaho are considering changing the names of the mascots for Sacajawea Junior High School and Nezperce High School.

Nezperce High School's (left) mascot is the Indians and
Sacajawea Junior High School's (right) mascot is the Braves
            The Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee Chairman Silas Whitman wrote a letter to both districts, asking the Nezperce district to change the high school's mascot from the Indians. Whitman also wrote a letter to support the Sacajawea Junior High School’s proposal to change their mascot from Braves.
            The Nezperce School District is collect thoughts from the community using a survey on their website.
            The survey allows anyone who visits the website to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to changing the name. It also asks what they want to name the new mascot.
            Nez Perce School District Superintendent Doug Flaming says the district doesn’t want to hurt its relationship with the tribe, and he will talk to students about their thoughts on the potential change.
            In 1977, the Lewiston School Board changed the Sacajawea Junior High School’s mascot from Savages to the Braves. The board had two other options for the name in 1977, the Warriors and the Trailblazers.
Visual Elements:
·      School Board Meeting where vote was revealed
·      Stills of the Mascots current appearance
·      An interview with Silas Whitman
·      Couple of quick bites of video and audio from parents and maybe students on the potential change

·      Shots outside the schools that may change mascots

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